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Breakthrough is Easy?

We recently had the opportunity to serve an amazing privately owned service company. In one week, they completely renovated their strategy. We dug in deep to the values and crafted their mission. Set their 5 year breakthrough vision, built annual breakthrough objectives to achieve this vision, and developed our measurement system to track our progress. From there, we established the top level improvement priorities and established responsibilities. They now posses a crystal clear True North!

Social Connection Corner

I have met with Chad a couple of times in his latest role, and that passion still exists today. He is an individual who continually learns and imparts that knowledge well. Whatever field of conitinuous improvement you need help with, give him a call.
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About CI Solutions

We are excited that you share our vision of driving continuous improvement in people, processes and products.  For us, continuous improvement is a way of life, a mindset, a passion which is why our company name reflects this core belief.

We are driven to inspire passion and obtain results through empowerment of those we lead.  We view each participant as an indispensable element of success for each of the companies we represent.  Through humbly serving your employees, we lift them up and equip them both in attitude and technical skills.

And we see that by approaching participants in this way, we can leverage organic growth of skills well beyond our initial interactions.  Our genuine desire is for the individuals we work with to feel enabled to share their new skill sets in the workplace and drive their own highly successful realities.  

In addition, we work closely with the organizations’ leadership teams to develop their own abilities as a servant leader.  We are skilled practitioners of weaving your desires through a measurable strategic plan, both with near team measurements and long term visions.