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Breakthrough is Easy?

We recently had the opportunity to serve an amazing privately owned service company. In one week, they completely renovated their strategy. We dug in deep to the values and crafted their mission. Set their 5 year breakthrough vision, built annual breakthrough objectives to achieve this vision, and developed our measurement system to track our progress. From there, we established the top level improvement priorities and established responsibilities. They now posses a crystal clear True North!

Social Connection Corner

I have known Chad for over 15 years and have used him as a Lean/6-Sigma consultant. He is a fine person and knows his business at the highest level! I would reccomend Chad and his Company to anyone!

Chuck Shumate, Vice President Gavco Plastics
Tulsa, Ok.
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About ST Solutions

Stack Testing Solutions strives to take stack testing and the accompanying activities to the next level through impactful and breakthrough training assistance and certification.  Through a relationship with key Stack Testing Professionals, ST Solutions is changing the way Stack Testing personnel are prepared and continually improved for field work.  Specifically, we offer training and certification programs that have been designed from the beginning to be fair, highly interactive and hands-on activity based.

This understanding is the same for CI Solutions, underpinned with our goal to be servant leaders, drives us to complete our programs in the most effective and efficient way.  This ensures the highest return on your investment and builds deep trust as our relationship grows.  Although a long way from perfect, we strive to ensure fairness in all our business deals and work daily to live up to a higher standard.  Same as CI Solutions, ST Solutions is founded on Biblical Principles, and works hard to earn your trust and repeat business.